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Tina tagged me! She wants to see what's in my knitting bag. Well, I don't have a bag (except for a small plastic one that I got with Simply Knitting; Daisy has a picture of it on her blog) but a basket. Taking a picture was a bit hard for the dogs were in a very playful mood this evening. But there's the basket, neat and tidy (ha ha) and my precious knitting toolbox, a plain old dull grey plastic Curver box. The box is perhaps the most important thing. It contains all my knitting needles (sizes 1 - 7) and crochet hooks, two tape measures (one in inches; very important), two pin cushions, with short and longer pins, scissors, a needle gauge, darning needles, three felting needles, six zippers, a piece of string for I don't remember what purpose.

The basket is my treasure chest. It's special, because it's been done by an 80-year old veteran of war somewhere in the 1990's. Now the kind man has gone to a better place. As you can see, the basket is full. I check it maybe every four or five months, and find all kinds of stuff that I've put there and forgot. Today I found, for example, two children's mittens, only one in each colour, the other with a thumb, the other without; two knitted hats that need finishing; one pair of thrummed socks that I should darn; a piece of crocheted bedspread that I started some six years ago - 48 of the 64 pieces done; and, of course, dozens of little balls of yarn, handspun and bought, even some dog hair yarn I didn't remember having. Usually the stuff that I dig up and place so that I can see it, finally gets finished and can be moved to a storage place. The yarns and other stuff serve as sources of inspiration and often lead to other UFOs that get buried under more urgent stuff. That's how the basket "lives".

If you look at closely, you may notice the dog hair that's stuck on the basket right now. There's a start for my new yarn! ;-)

Sitting Bull complains about the mess in the tv room. Does this look messy to you? Well, I have to admit my universe tends to expand. I didn't take a picture of the table that's full of copies of knitting instructions from Knitty or the Finnish Ulla, needle size conversion tables, knitting books, unfinished objects, and what bugs him most, a box for yarn ends that I collect for some obscure reason. Then there are, of course, his precious remote controls. Five of them.

What's in your knitting bag?

P.S. A quick shot of the wool I handpainted with the Pollock method last weekend and spun to a 2-ply yarn. Absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?

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Mielitty kirjoitti...

Vau, upean väristä tuo lanka! Jackson Pollock -metodi toimii.;)

Tina kirjoitti...

Thanks for sharing! And: yes, I can see the dog hair... but it has a nose and en eye on it *lol* I love your pics with the dogs coming in the way.
The yarn is gorgous!

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